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First single-match cup derby. Another very serious incident took place in the 2007 cup derby, at the Betic stadium. The placement of said bust was not liked by a wide sector of Beticismo because they considered it out of place. The first game played in the new Sevilla FC stadium, the Nervión field, on the occasion of its inauguration, was against Real Betis Balompié, on October 7, 1928, and the Verdiblanco team won 1-2. When the first match in official competition was played in the next stadium, the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium, "the Verdiblanco team won 4-2". It was the 1958/59 season. In the following season, Sevilla FC would win 1-4 in Heliópolis. Sevilla was proclaimed League champion in the field of Les Corts on March 31, 1946, and Betis decided to file an appeal on April 4 to the Board of Directors of the National Sports Delegation, chaired by Lieutenant General José Moscardó, in which Betis demanded the annulment of the transfer and the withdrawal of the league title from Sevilla, for having been won with an alleged improper alignment. Meanwhile, in the aforementioned Southern Championship -or Andalusian Cup-, on March 10, 1918, there was the biggest win in the history of these matches, a 22-0 victory that the Sevilla fans endorsed the Béticos, who could not count on their better players since they were doing military service, and although the high command ordinarily allowed them to go out on Sundays to play with their team, they were not allowed for that derby due to a new order that prevented sports practice during the service season.

The first Sevilla-Betis regatta was organized in 1960 by the Club Náutico de Sevilla, although it did not become annual until 1970. The regatta, held on the Guadalquivir river by both rowing teams, barcelona jerseys makes them try to be the fastest in a 6,200 m race. At the same time, the Seville Cup also began to be played, in the first edition of which both teams tied again at zero, a circumstance that served for the football players to win the title. On April 10, the Board of Directors issued its final resolution ruling in favor of Betis, annulling the signing of Antúnez by Sevilla but without admitting the withdrawal of the League title from Sevilla, since it understood that Sevilla had been proclaimed champion in good faith. and without fraud. Until the 12th century, ancient Barcelona lived enclosed within the perimeter of the 4th-century Roman wall, which was partly restored by the first counts of Barcelona. It runs from Metro line 9 (Puerta de Arganda-Rivas Urbanizaciones) to the A-3, adjacent to the Covibar urbanization (Rivas). The Royal Spanish Football Federation decreed that the remaining minutes be played behind closed doors at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez on March 20 at 8:00 p.m.

2 The referee De Burgos Bengoetxea suspended the match in minute 39 of the first half, moments after Nabil Fekir's goal in favor of Real Betis, due to a PVC fan throwing a PVC stick at the Sevilla player Joan Jordán, taking hours later the Single Competition Judge the decision to resume the match on the afternoon of the following day behind closed doors. 2021-22 Copa del Rey Round of 15 01.15.2022 Benito Villamarín Betis 2 – 1 Sevilla 45,047 2 – 1 Joan Jordán incident. These second-round derbies ended when Real Betis Balompié rose to the top national category in the 1932/33 season, while Sevilla FC remained in the silver category. After the Spanish Civil War, there was the biggest win by Sevilla FC in the Sevillian derbies played up to then: Sevilla FC defeated Real Betis Balompié 5-3 on January 17, 1943. They had also won abroad, in the biggest home win, 2-5, on October 4, 1942. The biggest wins for Real Betis Balompié will be 4-0 on April 20, 1980, and away, 0-3 on December 22, 1996 ( apart from the identical 0-3 of February 3, 1935 previously cited).

The team was in the middle zone of the classification and managed to climb to the third position. His time with the Sevilla team did not prevent him from returning to Betis in 1969 to get one more promotion in the 1970-71 campaign. Some time later, Luis Aragonés and Juande Ramos had the privilege of directing the two Sevillian teams. Another notorious case was that of Diego Rodríguez, who left Betis to play for Sevilla since the 1988/89 campaign. José Mari was a player formed in the Sevilla youth academy. The tension between the fans reached such an extreme, already at such an early date, that in the game that both teams played on February 18 there were attacks and invasion of the pitch, forcing the referee to end the game prematurely. King Alfonso XII ordered the three dining rooms to be joined for official ceremonies, and thus, under the orders of the architect José Segundo de Lema, it was inaugurated in 1879, with the gala banquet of the King's second marriage to María Cristina de Habsburgo- Lorraine. The painter Corrado Giaquinto was entrusted to design and direct the work on the decoration of the Royal Chapel and he himself painted the frescoes both in the atrium (Santiago in the battle of Clavijo) and in the central dome (The Coronation of the Virgin), the four Spanish saints of the pendentives (San Leandro; San Hermenegildo; San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza) and in the choir gallery, an Allegory of Religion.

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