The Old Classic

III Torneo de Navidad de Escuelas de Fútbol 'Fundación Caj… - FlickrWhere he would have as teammates Pavel Nedvěd, Dejan Stanković, Alessandro Nesta, Christian Vieri, among other figures, making up one of the best teams in the history of this club (being led by the famous Swedish coach Sven-Göran Eriksson). With Salas in the team, the successes in Italian football returned to the whole of the Italian capital, after 25 years, Lazio won the Italian Super Cup in 1998 and 2000; Serie A in the 1999-00 season, barca shirt with Salas being the team's top scorer (with 12 goals); the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1999 where he was the club's top scorer (with 4 goals); and the 1999 European Super Cup with a goal from Matador against Manchester United. The Real Sociedad Deportiva Alcalá has always dressed in a red shirt, white shorts and red socks with the exception of a few uniform accessories for a few years. This relationship of the Basque group as the head or channel of "what is Spanish" did not sit well in the Basque spheres and was one of the points that influenced the distancing with Real Madrid, a club from the capital. He debuted for Lazio on August 12, 1998 against the then current UEFA Champions League champion Real Madrid of Spain, where he scored the goal of the momentary 2-1 win for the Teresa Herrera Trophy.

Henry Percy (Hotspur) He played professionally between 1993 and 2008, wearing the jerseys of Universidad de Chile in two stages, the Argentine club River Plate (also in two stages, and where he won the South American Footballer of the Year award in 1997) and the Italian teams Lazio and Juventus from Turin. He stood out during the 1990s and 2000s in important clubs such as Universidad de Chile, River Plate, Lazio and Juventus. His official farewell took place on June 2, 2009 in a tribute match held at the National Stadium of Chile, before 70,000 spectators. In the blue box he won two titles after a 25-year drought for the club: the 1994 National Championship and the 1995 National Championship, being a fundamental piece in the attack of the Universidad de Chile team, being the top scorer in both seasons (27 and 17 goals respectively). In River Plate (at that time directed by Ramón Díaz) he achieved three Argentine championships being the main figure: the Apertura 1996 (where he scored two goals in the 3-0 victory over Vélez Sarsfield that consecrated him champion), Clausura 1997 and the Apertura 1997 ( scoring the title goal against Argentinos Juniors), plus the South American Super Cup where he scored the 2 goals in the final against São Paulo that gave the millionaire club the cup.

Fotogalería - Jornada 23 ACB - Real Madrid vs Casademont Zaragoza (8-3-2020)Salas is the third scorer in the formative stages of the Universidad de Chile club along with Omar Díaz with 118 victories in 8 tournaments played, behind Leonel Sánchez and Jorge Socias. Real Sociedad 1-4 Athletic Club with 21,504 spectators at the Anoeta Stadium. This time Real could not prevail over the representative of Irunese football and after two draws, in the third and final game Sporting beat Real 1:0, leaving it out of the Cup tournament. Despite the immediate success of the section at winning two Spanish Championship titles in just two years of life and finishing on numerous occasions in the top positions of the classification, it was finally dissolved in 1959 coinciding with the disappearance of the Spanish Championships of both modalities that gave way to the Honor Division. It is located next to the mayor's office of Honor and decorated with representations of the ranch, according to Cervantes' novel, Don Quixote in Barcelona, ​​made in 1958 by the painter Francesc d'Assís Galí. In addition, he was chosen the Best Soccer Player of the season in Argentina and South American Soccer Player of the Year in 1997, beating the Peruvian Nolberto Solano and the Paraguayan José Luis Chilavert.

Free photo the national palace in barcelona, spain gardens and people in front of it. cloudy sky In 1997 he ranked third as the "best center forward in the world" (after Ronaldo and Gabriel Batistuta) in the RSS Award for best footballer of the year, in 1998 and 1999 he was the 5th best center forward. ^ "Photos from the past: When Guardiola and Mourinho were friends". ^ Yarroch, Gustavo (May 2, 2019). «This will be "River, the greatest always", the new film of the champion of America». ^ Salerno, Susana (May 2, 2019). "The premieres of the week". On August 14, 2019, he signed for Real Betis Balompié in a transfer for his termination clause of 28 million euros. His transfer was not in vain. Likewise, in 1996 and 1997 he was the "best striker in America", where he was part of the Ideal Team of America, he was also decorated as the "best South American soccer player" of the year 1997. In the 1998 Soccer World Cup he was included in the "10 top figures" of the contest. In 2013 he was chosen the "7th best left-handed South American soccer player in history" ("Bleacher Report" magazine). "best soccer player of all time" from his country (alternating first place with Elías Figueroa). In 1997 he scored two triplets: one against Colombia and the other against Peru -this last match was very important for both teams, since the Chilean triumph meant qualifying for the World Cup after their last participation in the 1982 Soccer World Cup, fc barcelona jersey at the same as for the Peruvian team; Salas' performance allowed the Chilean victory 4-0 and his return to the World Cup.

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